The List

I started my Ultimate Life Goals list when I was 14. I finished reading the book Bloomability and decided that, like the main character, I wanted to be someone interesting. I wanted to travel, experience new cultures, make discomfort my comfort zone. Because main characters are always the ones that are the most interesting, I decided. And I wanted to be my own main character.


A few notes about the list:

  • It has evolved and will continue to. There are opportunities I learn about and add to the list constantly. I also learn more about certain goals (and myself) and take some points off the list. For example: Do I want to cuddle with a giant panda? Yes I do, but I don’t want to support any drugging or other inhumane treatment of animals, so off the list it goes!
  • I sometimes add to the list retroactively. Occasionally some unexpected experience comes up and when it’s over I think – Wow. I wish that had been on my list so I could check it off! That was life-changing. So that’s what I do! My list, my rules.
  • I take suggestions! Am I missing something incredible you’ve done? Tell me about it here. I’m always looking for new adventures.

So here it is:

  1. Take a midnight train to anywhere
  2. Sky dive
  3. Ski in the Alps
  4. Go Sailing (2014)
  5. Write a book
  6. Fix up my own house
  7. Have my own garden like my great grandfather’s
  8. Host a party by myself
  9. Learn to speak a second language fluently (in progress)
  10. Learn to speak a third language almost fluently (in progress)
  11. Fly in a tiny plane 
  12. Start my own volunteer group/organization
  13. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (or something similar)
  14. Donate my hair 3 times
  15. Read 3 pieces of religious scripture
  16. Learn to play guitar
  17. Re-learn how to play piano
  18. Record a few songs
  19. Explore the Australian Outback
  20. Eat beignets at Cafe du Monde (2017)
  21. Take a spiritual journey
  22. Go on an African Safari
  23. Live in a third world country for at least 3 months
  24. Hold a tarantula?!
  25. Get a tattoo (2011)
  26. Dye my hair (2010)
  27. Send a message in a bottle
  28. Go on an impulsive trip (2017)
  29. Perform on Broadway (or maybe a large community show will work!)
  30. Learn to do an aerial and a front and back walk-over
  31. Volunteer as a medical assistant in a community that needs it
  32. Learn African drum and dance (2010, continued)
  33. Learn to Ballroom dance
  34. Choreograph my own dance piece (2011)
  35. Write a song
  36. Ride in a hot air balloon
  37. Fly a plane
  38. Learn how to toss pizza dough
  39. Visit every state in the United States (in progress)
  40. Drive along the coast of California (2018)
  41. Go on a road trip alone
  42. Work as a bartender
  43. “Breathe” fire
  44. Ride in a helicopter
  45. Surf
  46. Swim with dolphins
  47. Work on an archaeological site (2011)
  48. Join a sports team
  49. White water raft
  50. Parasail (2010)
  51. Make homemade pasta (2018)
  52. Travel somewhere by kayak or canoe
  53. Go on a cruise
  54. Donate money to support a single other person’s dreams
  55. Go in a shark cage
  56. Be able to do 3 pull-ups
  57. Have a 4-pack (being realistic!)
  58. Have an article published in a newspaper/journal/magazine
  59. Make a meal entirely out of homemade/homegrown material
  60. Teach (English?) abroad
  61. Ride “a bicycle built for two” (2010)
  62. Go to a drive-in movie (2011)
  63. Make a painting using balloons filled with paint (2018)
  64. Be in a movie/on tv (even as an extra)
  65. Make myself a piece of clothing
  66. Make a quilt
  67. Crochet a scarf (2018)
  68. Be a maid of honor (2012)
  69. Take a homeless person out to eat (2017)
  70. Have a real conversation with someone famous
  71. Have a place where I am a “regular”
  72. Visit an active volcano
  73. Stay in a beach house (July 2010, May 2012-August 2014)
  74. Ride a moped
  75. Ride a jet ski
  76. Learn to drive standard
  77. Run a half marathon (2017)
  78. Hike the 46 NY Peaks
  79. Play paint-ball
  80. Play laser tag
  81. Fix up a car
  82. Learn to shoot targets (with some level of accuracy)
  83. Take a self-defense class
  84. Read the Odyssey
  85. Take an art class
  86. Expand family history research
  87. Work as a professor
  88. Publish a blog (2018)
  89. Submit to a travel magazine
  90. Read a whole list of classic “must-read” books
  91. Visit every continent (in progress)
  92. Earn a PhD
  93. Earn another bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, just because it interests me
  94. Perform at the House of Blues (2017)
  95. Visit the Amazon (2017)
  96. Hike to Machu Picchu (2017)
  97. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary (2018)
  98. Meet Ellen!
  99. Memorize the Periodic Table
  100. Memorize countries and capitals
  101. Be certified to teach yoga or another fitness class (2018)
  102. Give a TED Talk
  103. Model with Camille Kostek
  104. Officiate a wedding (2018)
  105. Learn trapeze/ aerial arts (in progress)
  106. Dance with Kyle Hanagami and Haley Fitzgerald

6 thoughts on “The List

    1. Thanks Brenna! You should definitely do it! You have probably already started without realizing. Write down some random things you’ve always thought would be interesting to try and I bet you’ll end up with more goals you’ve been working towards than you even knew!

  1. So glad I finally made it onto this page to read “the list”, you are forever my most inspiring best friend, and I want to become a 46-er with you!
    Also, is the paining with paint-filled-ballons inspired by Princess Diaries? I must do this as well!
    Love you lady!

  2. So glad I finally took the time to read “THE List”, you are truly the most inspiring person I know and I’m so thankful to call you one of my closest friends.
    Also, I want to become a 46-er with you! (And maybe do the paint filled balloons painting…princess diaries anyone??)
    Love you tons!

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