March Cleanse: Weeks 2-3

I’m back with a quick check in on my progress! A reminder: This cleanse includes: Belongings, Body, Bank Account, and Brain. Belongings: My cleanse in this area has been moving along much more slowly than I thought it would, but I’m being thorough and feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made. I am tryingContinue reading “March Cleanse: Weeks 2-3”

March Cleanse – Week One Check In

You might recall from my last post: 2019: What Now? that I am kicking off some resolutions this year with a full cleanse for the month of March. The idea is to cleanse all areas of my life: Belongings Body Bank Account Brain Here’s how it’s going so far: Belongings I would give myself a solid BContinue reading “March Cleanse – Week One Check In”

Goal Accomplished: RUN. A. MARATHON.

November 4, 2018. I ran the New York City Marathon. WHAT!? I RAN A FREAKIN’ MARATHON!? This was, by far, the biggest surprise of 2018 for me. Maybe one of the biggest shocks of my life! It was never something I thought I’d do. I still can’t believe I can say those words: “I ranContinue reading “Goal Accomplished: RUN. A. MARATHON.”

2019: What Now?

It’s already March, 2019?! How did this happen?! One minute I’m crushing goals in 2018, next thing I know, I’ve already lost two months of 2019! I don’t even think I’ve finished setting resolutions for myself yet! [Aside – I definitely don’t feel like I’ve wasted the past two months, I just haven’t had asContinue reading “2019: What Now?”

Goal Accomplished: Make Homemade Pasta

Reasons to make your own homemade pasta: The pasta tastes so much better! Compared to store-bought pasta, homemade noodles seem heartier and richer. Plus, you are in control of the taste – add salt or herbs, stuff it with cheese or chocolate… you can make it taste however you want! It feels so much better onContinue reading “Goal Accomplished: Make Homemade Pasta”

Goal Accomplished: Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

This has been a hard life goal to sum up! The entire drive was so beautiful; the task of describing each moment feels daunting. How do I put words to that feeling of nervous exhilaration I feel when I stare into the line of hazy blue where the sky meets the sea? How do IContinue reading “Goal Accomplished: Drive the Pacific Coast Highway”


It’s official! I am a certified Kick It by Eliza instructor! I’ll be teaching the 13-round, kick-boxing inspired cardio classes in Boston — and wherever else my travels take me! Here’s why this is significant: Like so many women, I have struggled with my weight and body image my whole life. Growing up in theContinue reading “Goal Accomplished: OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED!”

Goal Accomplished: Paint-Filled Balloons

Tell me you’ve seen Princess Diaries! Do you remember that scene where Mia is talking to her mom about everything that is difficult about being a teenager-learning-to-be-a-princess (typical) and her mom starts throwing darts at paint-filled balloons? Ok, well, if not, here’s the scene:   I don’t know why this was so memorable to me.Continue reading “Goal Accomplished: Paint-Filled Balloons”

Status Update — June 11, 2018

Hello, hello my friends! I realize I haven’t given a status check in a while, so here’s what’s going on re: life goals: I am currently working on becoming a certified fitness instructor! I grew up dancing, minored in dance in college, and still insist on fitting it into my “adult” schedule. I also love workingContinue reading “Status Update — June 11, 2018”