2019: What Now?

It’s already March, 2019?! How did this happen?!

One minute I’m crushing goals in 2018, next thing I know, I’ve already lost two months of 2019! I don’t even think I’ve finished setting resolutions for myself yet!

[Aside – I definitely don’t feel like I’ve wasted the past two months, I just haven’t had as much focus as I would like. But! I have traveled to Las Vegas, Chicago (by accident), Copenhagen, Berlin, Dubai and Abu Dhabi already! So it’s been a busy two months. And at least I’m chipping away at that ‘Visit Every State’ goal of mine!]

To be honest, I have been having trouble setting resolutions and goals for myself this year. 2018 was so epic! How can I possibly top that?

I think before I can set any specific objectives for myself, I have to define resolutions and goals. They are different, even if only subtly.

A Goal implies the act of finishing something. There is a clear end point that, if reached, would indicate a level of success.

A Resolution is a commitment to change the way you do something. It is the journey, more than the final results. To me, a resolution is more of a lifestyle change. It can potentially  lead to a goal, but is more the act of resigning to work on something.

So, in 2018, my resolution was to work towards accomplishing 12 life goals. I wanted to change my perspective on my goals – I didn’t want them to feel so unattainable and distant. I want to be actively working towards them in my day-to-day life.

This year, I think I need to separate my resolutions and goals a bit. I still want to be working actively towards achieving more of my life goals, but I also need to make a few lifestyle changes.

For those of you reading this and triple-checking the calendar, yes, I know it’s March. But I have to believe that we can set ourselves goals and resolutions any time we want! So, March resolutions. Why not?

So, here we go… drum roll…

Resolutions for 2019:

  • Blog once a week. You’re right, I haven’t done this so far, but – again, starting the resolutions now!
  • Meditate every morning. I have been ok with this so far. I’m going to call the last 7-weeks a trial run. I’m really not great at meditating. I either get myself more anxious realizing all the things I could be thinking about, or I fall asleep – seriously!
  • Dance more, differently. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I already dance a lot. But, here’s the thing – I’ve gotten pretty complacent with it. I’ve accepted being a mediocre dancer. That’s so boring! No more! I’m pushing myself this year to learn some new styles, get back some of my flexibility, audition for more opportunities, and see what happens!
  • Keep in touch with my friends and family. This is a resolution of mine every year.  Not great. I think I’m a pretty good friend if I see you around and about my normal life. I’m not great at keeping in touch with my loved ones who are further away, or who are just as busy as me. It’s not that I love them less. I think of them constantly (like when I’m trying to meditate!), but I would like to better at letting them know I’m thinking of them.
  • Reach my savings goal. Turns out, achieving 12 Life Goals in a year is not cheap! My bank account deserves a little extra love and attention after this past year!

Life Goals this year:

  • Read every book on a ‘must read’ list
  • Do 3 pull-ups
  • Get a 6-pack!
  • Re-learn to play piano – to a point where I can share a video online
  • Learn Spanish to a point of basic conversation
  • Be in a movie, even as an extra
  • Help three other people achieve their Life Goals this year! (More on this to come)

That’s actually a lot of goals and resolutions!

I’m someone who needs to feel like I’m starting out with a clear mind when tackling a new goal, and with all the traveling I’ve been doing, I haven’t had the time or space to do that. So I’m kicking everything off this month with a FULL LIFE CLEANSE.

What does this mean?

  1. Belongings – A clear mind starts with a clear space. This month, I’m using the KonMarie method, by Marie Kondo, to get rid of what might be holding me back, and open up more space for energy and ideas to move!
  2. Body – Since some of my goals are fitness related, it feels like the right time to hit ‘reset’ on some of my eating habits. Travel is great, but very indulgent!
  3. Bank Account – As I mentioned in my resolutions, I’m working to get my savings to a better place this year. To start it off, I’m cleansing myself of any unnecessary auto-drafts from my account and am trying not to touch my credit cards!
  4. Brain – This one will be challenging for me. In addition to meditating every day, I am also going to limit my screen time. My goal is to limit my phone more week-by-week this month, and avoid watching any TV until I’ve checked off all my daily goals (I have 11)!

I’ll definitely be keeping you guys updated on how this kick-off-cleanse month goes. Since I’ll be blogging weekly (see what I did there?!), it’ll help hold me accountable and will also give me a lot more to talk about.

So until next week…



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Adventurer. Dancer. Conversation starter. Optimist. Goal chaser. I feel passionately about helping others realize their priorities and abilities. Reach out for personal coaching!

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