Tell me you’ve seen Princess Diaries! Do you remember that scene where Mia is talking to her mom about everything that is difficult about being a teenager-learning-to-be-a-princess (typical) and her mom starts throwing darts at paint-filled balloons? Ok, well, if not, here’s the scene:


I don’t know why this was so memorable to me. I think as a teenager, I could relate to this honest moment between a mother and daughter, and the desire to escape the pains of growing up in favor of something so innocent and fun.

I also liked how chaotic it was. I took art classes growing up – I loved them, but took them so seriously. I liked that this was an art project you couldn’t really plan for. You couldn’t really mess it up. The paint would splatter on its own and create something beautiful and unexpected.

Anyway. I tried it! It was as chaotic and fun as I hoped. But also harder than expected. I still have not figured out the best way to fill balloons with both air and paint – you may notice mine are less full than theirs. There may be a Part II to this project so I can figure this out! Suggestions welcome.


My friend Amy – an inspiration in her own right–  joined me. (Thank goodness she did, because she was much better at blowing up the balloons than me!) Our full video documentation can be found below and on my YouTube channel. Enjoy!



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