Status Update — June 11, 2018

Hello, hello my friends! I realize I haven’t given a status check in a while, so here’s what’s going on re: life goals:

  • I am currently working on becoming a certified fitness instructor! I grew up dancing, minored in dance in college, and still insist on fitting it into my “adult” schedule. I also love working out – yeah, really! So when one of my friends introduced me to Kick It by Eliza, I was hooked! It’s fitness, set to music! Win-win! Last week, I attended the 4-hour certification course and this week I submitted my official audition video. (Actually, I submitted two, because I was worried the first one wasn’t good enough…) So now I wait, which is arguably the hardest part.


  • Flights are booked! I am officially driving the Pacific Coast Highway in July! Well, technically I am not driving. My best-friend-and-travel-accomplice Leanne generously offered to be the one to drive us. She navigated us through potential land mines in the Bosnian mountains last summer, so I feel much more confident in her abilities than my own. So now that flights are booked, we’re officially looking for food and beach recommendations! Send ‘em my way, please!


  • I’ll be taking sailing lessons this summer! You may remember that sailing was on my list. I crossed it off a few summers ago while living on Cape Cod. I can’t say I really learned how to sail, but I had a ton of fun for the day! Now let’s see if I can make it more sustainable hobby. Stay tuned!


  • I bought this pretty, new cookbook to learn to make homemade pasta! So far I haven’t attempted it, but the cookbook sure looks nice sitting on my table!


  • A lot of my life goals relate to water: surfing, cage diving, jet skiing… This is interesting because I have never learned to swim. I know, I know – it’s weird. Surprise fun fact! I posted recently about the surgeries I’ve had this year. Hopefully, if all is clear, I will be able to go under water for the first time in my life! I’m pretty terrified by this, actually. It’s overwhelming to imagine! But I want to overcome the fear and start swimming lessons this year to lay the groundwork for my other goals. Anyone up for teaching?


As an aside, I am hoping to make this blog more dynamic –  more posts, more connecting with other people, videos to document my progress… I’m pretty nervous to launch a video component to this, but I also recognize it’s 2018 and videos are an easy way to engage with more people. If anyone has thoughts on how to do this successfully, I’d love if you shared below! Help me, Blog Community!

For anyone who actually reads these – you are the best! Thank you, thank you for supporting all my crazy life goals. I would love to know yours, too. Social media – for all its negative implications – also helps to connect so many interesting people. It’s important to me to develop a community of people here who can support each other and can offer their own talents and connections to help others achieve their dreams.

Let’s do this!

Me, this weekend: Fishing with Dad. Writing this post on my bus back to Boston!

Published by Alaina

Adventurer. Dancer. Conversation starter. Optimist. Goal chaser. I feel passionately about helping others realize their priorities and abilities. Reach out for personal coaching!

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