Goal Accomplished: Crochet a Scarf

I finally finished crocheting a scarf! Well… I sort of finished two, but one of them may not be truly classifiable as a scarf, if we’re going by the standard definition.

Let me take a step back- because I know this may seem like an insignificant goal.

My desire to crochet a scarf originated around the same time as my hope to start a blog. I was studying abroad in Italy. (I know, I know – all the most annoying stories start this way. Just stick with me!) While there, I became good friends with Tawney (BLOG HERE). Tawney could do so many cool things that I couldn’t do: she could speak fluent Italian, she could bake homemade pies, she could do yoga, and she could crochet. She would bring her yarn and crochet hook with her on our little journeys across Italy, so whether we were sitting on a bus for hours, waiting for our dinner to finish cooking, or lying in bed chatting before falling asleep, Tawney had her hook moving effortlessly and was creating beautiful pieces to leave for her host family or to bring back for her friends at home.


I tried to learn from her while I was there. I bought a hook and some yarn from a tiny store near my apartment in the heart of Siena and, on a weekend trip to Fiesole, sat beside her and tried to mimic her movement. It was winter at that point, so it was nice to spend our evening wrapped in blankets, sitting beside the fireplace in our little rental living room, eating roasted nuts and crocheting.

I started a cozy gray scarf while there, with every intention of finishing it, but – you know, life happens and I forgot about the project in the midst of my final semester at school.

Fast forward to last year. I was taking another look at my life goals list and decided to give crocheting another shot. At the time, I only got as far as buying a new hook and some soft white yarn.


In March, I decided to make it my goal to actually finish the scarf that month. I was in the depths of New England winter, so it seemed like an achievable goal at the time.

Well, I did it! Sort of. I made the stitches a bit too tight, so the scarf didn’t actually feel so soft and cozy. I also ran out of yarn and couldn’t find an exact color match at my local craft store, so it’s a bit short. Not exactly a usable scarf. Maybe for a small child with incredibly bad taste in accessories… So, while I technically accomplished the goal in March, it didn’t really seem like I could cross it off my list.

Determined, I revisited my scarf from all those years ago in Italy. I started over, but used the same Italian yarn and hook. After a lot of Youtube videos, tutorials, untying knots, tying together frayed ends of yarn, and many frustrated sighs, I made a scarf! It is skinny, flimsy, and you can see where I reused yarn compared to where the new yarn starts. I wouldn’t exactly classify it as a success, but it is usable! I gave it to my wonderful mom, who – as only a mother can – wrapped it around her neck and told me how much she loves it! Finally, she got a handmade scarf from Italy!

My beautiful mom, glowing with support for her mediocre-crocheting daughter!

I don’t know that I am a particularly skilled crochet-er, but I have always liked crafts to keep busy while watching tv or chatting, so it’s probably something I’ll keep up informally. I do like the idea of being able to give scarves or blankets as gifts to people in my travels, and it would be interesting to pick up yarn and thread across the world to create interesting pieces. I could probably do with a few more lessons – not everyone will be as generous and appreciative as my mom! – but I can officially check this off my list and can only improve from here!

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