In Progress: February 18th Sunday Status Update

Busy week coming up! Here’s what’s happening:

I’ve been learning trapeze!


I had always thought circus arts were amazing, but then I saw The Greatest Showman and signed up for aerial classes that week. Listen guys, I just want my life to be a musical. I don’t think that’s too much to ask! If twirling around in the air gets me even that much closer to Oscar awards and Zac Efron, consider me a trapeze artist!

But in seriousness, aerial arts are hard! I went into my first class naively thinking that my years of dance experience would give me an advantage. I thought I’d come in, learn some fancy holds and ties to get me up in the air and upside down, and magically, I’d be performance-ready! Guys, I was so wrong. Any minimal amount of grace I have on the ground, I completely lose when I’m worrying about where fabric is supposed to go and how much longer my hands and arms can hold me! It’s not always pretty. In fact, I’d say most of the time it is NOT pretty. (Think: callouses, rope burns, bruises, and me awkwardly sliding down suspended silks!)

I’m having a great time, though. I go to Aircraft Aerial Arts in Somerville. It’s an amazingly supportive environment and I love that I’m pushing myself to new limits and discovering what my body is capable of. I highly recommend it. My first session ends this week, but I’m sticking with it! Hey, Zac Efron is worth it!

I’m working to be a certified Kick It By Eliza instructor!


If you haven’t heard of Kick It yet, go look it up right now! (I’ll make it easy: here.) Eliza is a former dancer, turned fitness warrior, turned voice of empowerment. Her classes are tough. You will sweat more than you knew you could! But you leave feeling AMAZING. You feel energized, motivated, and strong.

Yes, you’re reading all this correctly: dance + killer workout + empowering women! WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? Yeah, I’m invested!

The certification isn’t going to be easy, so there’s no guarantee I’ll pass right away, but I’m definitely going to give this every thing I’ve got! I’ve been wanting a fitness certification, and nothing seemed like quite the right fit until Kick It. As soon as I tried it, I knew this would be my certification. I want to be that voice to motivate and empower, and to guide other women on their journeys towards strength and confidence. Stay tuned…

I’m going to an elephant sanctuary! And reaching another new continent!

Yes, really. I leave for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia on THURSDAY! I can’t believe it.

The backstory here is going to take a bit of time, so I’ll leave you with the teaser picture below and save the full story for a separate post. I am indescribably excited!


That’s the update this week! If anyone has any packing tips for Thailand, or suggestions on dealing with rope-burned feet, please comment below!

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Adventurer. Dancer. Conversation starter. Optimist. Goal chaser. I feel passionately about helping others realize their priorities and abilities. Reach out for personal coaching!

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