Goal Accomplished: Start a Blog!

Well, here we are! 2018 and officially one goal down. I can’t believe you are reading this- whoever you are. Thank you for being here!

2017-18 NYE in NYC. Yes, that is THE shiny ball.

I have wanted to start my own blog since 2012. The idea was actually inspired by a friend of mine who told me about her own blog while we were lost in an olive grove (more on that another time)! I was discovering a lot about myself at the time I met her (not just how to get out of an olive grove), and a blog seemed like an exciting and sophisticated way to share my wisdom with the world…

… yeah, well, it took me five years to realize I still have a lot more wisdom to gain than to share, and blogs aren’t really meant to be so sophisticated. Also, it turns out starting a blog takes a lot more courage than I would have guessed.

But, again, here we are.

You and I, on opposite sides of the screen, sharing the same little corner of the World Wide Web. Oh yeah. You’re part of this adventure with me!

So here’s the game plan: 

I am going to finish writing this post tonight, then hit this scary little button, glowing on the corner of my screen:


Then, starting tomorrow, I will be responsible for updating you on the progress of my Ultimate To-Do List and will also be readily available to help you achieve something on your list

Your tasks are to hold me accountable and to share in the excitement!

I don’t want this to be one of those blogs that screams: “Look-at-all-the-cool-things-I’m-doing-all-the-time.-Life-is-glorious!”

[Note: Hopefully, I will sometimes be doing cool things. And hopefully sometimes you’ll think they’re cool too. And, actually, life is, in fact, often glorious, but it’s also hard as hell. This blog is not for bragging, it is here to inspire you to accomplish your own goals or to appreciate what you’ve already achieved!]

Checking off life goals is honestly very challenging. I want you to understand how frustrating, defeating, and exhausting some goals are. Not only do a lot of my to-do’s require time, money, connections, self-control, and sheer bravery, but I also found out there’s a weird psychological side-effect to deal with after a goal is accomplished: Ok, well, now what?! or Was that what I expected?

Anyway, now that we’re in this together, we can figure it out as we go. Please always reach out to share your goals, dreams, fears; what made you laugh, what inspired you. Tell me what you want to read about or see. Ask me questions. Share your stories.

Still to come: Videos and interviews.

Stay tuned for: February’s goal. (I am trying to cross off one goal a month in 2018.)


Thanks again for being here! Time to hit that button…

Published by Alaina

Adventurer. Dancer. Conversation starter. Optimist. Goal chaser. I feel passionately about helping others realize their priorities and abilities. Reach out for personal coaching!

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